The `Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine` , headed up by Viktor Yuschenko has announced the breaking off of talks by Viktor Yanukovich`s team. The leader of the `Socialist Party of Ukraine`, Oleksandr Moroz, informed of the following: ` The first meeting of the work group has taken place without any results, and the governmental side has shown no desire to continue talks, without giving any specific reasons for their decision. Viktor Yanukovich, has instead, together with the mayor of Moscow, decided to take part in meetings, aimed at disrupting the territorial integrity of Ukraine`, added Moroz.
According to Moroz `The government, by pretending to take part in negotiations, is actually only buying time for itself, and is ignoring the just demands of the people.`
Moroz also stated that the `Committee for the salvation of Urkraine` has announced that they hold both Kuchma and Yanukovich responsible for the break in the negotiation process, and for not taking adequate action in helping to resolve the already extremely tense situation.`

Moroz also warned, that if Kuchma is not willing to take the intitiative in restarting negotiations, `We will take action within the framework of the constitution and in defense of the interests of the people.`
During his speech at the meeting in the center of Kyiv, Oleksandr Moroz also read an appeal in Russian, to the mostly Russian-speaking residents of the Donyetsk, Luhansk, and Kharkiv regions of Ukraine. In his appeal he stated, that the territorial governments of those regions consciously and intentionally committed violations during the elections. `We`re not at all against anyone casting their vote for Yanukovich, but are rather against deceit, trickery and a total violation of human rights.`
`The government, under the leadership of Kuchma, while putting on a theatrical performance about nationalism, is in the meantime carrying out its plan to autonomize certain regions of Ukraine. We would also like to warn the leaders of those regions of their responsibility in committing such criminal actions`, stated Moroz.
Moroz called upon the residents of the above mentioned regions to disregard those who are further antagonizing the situation in light of the fact that as he stated, `we are fighting for the truth, in other words, for you, and for the preservation of the nation, as well as for the equality of all the citizens of Ukraine.`