Sumy Rebelling and Beating up OSCE Observers

14:11, 23 листопада 2004
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In the Sumy city center, a rally in support of Viktor Yanukovych is taking place, Institute of Mass Information informs. Over 200 thousands people gathered at the central square of the city in the middle of workday.

The biggest city company, Frunze enterprise, went on strike.

Students are still arriving at the square. Today two Sumy universities and Academy of Banking Business went on strike. At the present moment they are walking towards the Agrarian University, the administration of which did not let the students out.

The rally participants require the administration to allow the students to take part in the stike.

Besides, the representatives of the administration of the Agrarian University had beaten up Oleksandr Khorunzhenko, OSCE observer, and took away his video-camera.

Source: Institute of Mass Information

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